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Las teteras.jpg

Little Teapots

Becky Rubinstein, Illustrated by Rocío Solís Cuevas and Irma Bastida 

 66 pp, 3+ years

This book announces teatime, pleasure in words and delight in images. This book was born to cheer up children and grown ups alike, made possible by creating words and color images, observing pottery, porcelain and white clay teapots.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Magia todo el día.jpg

Magic All Day

Luis Pescetti, Illustrated by Carlos Rodríguez

 104 pp, 4+ years

Poems with the humor and picaresque of the old Irish or Italian folk songs. The book was written from a child’s height and gaze. These poems can be recited or set to music. An album with 23 songs was made with musicians from Cuba, Colombia, and Argentina, nominated for a Latin Grammy, available in Spotify.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Historias de los señores.jpg

Mr. Moc and Mr. Poc Stories

Luis Pescetti, Illustrated by O’Kif

 120 pp, 10+ years

Mr. Moc and Mr. Poc ask many questions between them, write absurd letters, and engage in long and outrageous dialogues. Language games, poetry and humor are combined in
a book that is difficult to classify due to the mixture of genres and themes. A fun text.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Unidos contra.jpg

United Against Drácula

Luis Pescetti, Publisher: Santillana-Loqueleo

 228 pp, 12+ years

This is a gathering of poems, dialogues, and humorous texts, which cover the most intimate human emotions. Pescetti plays with language and its sounds to propose a poetic view of modernity, crossing all stages of life.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

en la aldea.jpg

Topsy-Turvy Town

Becky Rubinstein, Illustrated by Irma Bastida 32 pp, 3+ years.

Come to Topsy-Turvy Town, where there are galore verses that will make you smile and laugh out loud. You will soon fall in love with the real characters like you and your school friends, and the fantasy ones as cherubs, elves, magicians, and witches.

Rights sold for English worldwide.

Tigre callado.jpg

Silent Tiger Writes Poetry

Monique Zepeda, Illustrated by Julián Cicero

 64 pp, 7+ years

This book is an invitation to share the children’s gaze of the world around them: loneliness, fear, life, death, and strange adults. With metaphors and illustrations, young readers will think about themselves and their environment.

World rights for all languages except spanish and chinese

Nadie te creia.jpg

Nobody Would Believe You

Luis Pescetti, Illustrated by O’Kif

 204 pp, 10+ years

This book has a series of absurd dialogues with constant language games, some unusual letters and spelling games that lead both to laughter and thinking on language itself.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

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