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Foto Christel Guczka de Araceli Santana.

a bit about me:

She studied Human Science, has a master’s degree and PhD in Literary Appreciation and Creation of Casa Lamm in Mexico City. She has published 25 books of different literary genres for children, middle grade readers, young adults, and adults. Some of her plays have been performed in theaters.

Writes for magazines, national and international newspapers of Canada, Spain, France, and Mexico. Has been teacher in educational and cultural institutions and given workshops and lectures in different book fairs. Cooperates with private and public organizations in reading promotion projects and founded Readtherapy (Leerapia, A.C.).

Has received several literary prizes and recognitions:

  • Writer of the Year, Canada, 2012

  • International Latino Book Award, 2015

  • “A Cry for Life” Contest summoned by Editorial Porrúa and the Health Ministry of Mexico, 2017

  • Shortlisted by “Fundación Cuatrogatos”, 2020

Two books are part of the classroom and libraries program of the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico with 107,720 copies copies.

One book is part of the National Reading Plan of Ministry of Public Education in Chile.

One book has been translated into English to be sold in six countries.

Her books are sold in México and the United States of America.

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