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Young Adult Novels

EL asombroso legado.jpg

The Amazing Legacy of Daniel Kurka (or Nicolas Tesla’s Secret)

Mónica Rodríguez, Publisher; Ediciones SM (Spain)

 344 pp, 12+ years

1942. Daniel Kurka is a boy arriving to New York in a European refugee ship, fascinated with the endless streets, imposing skyscrapers, and the New Yorker hotel, where his aunt works. There he will meet Nikola Tesla, the inventor, who will reveal Daniel a secret that puts his life in danger.

World rights for all languages except Spanish


She Wolf

Verónica Murguía, Publisher: Ediciones SM

 512 pp, 14+ years

Wolf King of Moriana, rules his country with iron fist. Distressed by a curse that he will never have a male child, Lobo neglects his two daughters. Soledad, the first-born, will go in search of a dangerous dragon to the end of the kingdom, find friendship, love, magic, and her real essence.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La Partitura.jpg

The Music Sheet

Mónica Rodríguez, Publisher: Edelvives (Spain),

 192 pp, 14+ years

The music sheet tells the life of Daniel Faura, composer, from his childhood to his death at 87 years old, on horseback between Madrid, Russia, Mongolia, passing through Vienna, and governed by his obsessive devotion for his Mongolian student Sayá Samsar, a piano soloist, 28 years younger than him.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Primer Plano.jpg


Antonio Malpica, Publisher: Norma,

 304 pp, 15+ years

Cosima, a rejected high school senior, sends a threatening video on the graduation day. In it she promises to assassinate Leonardo, intimidates his family, blackmails her classmates and school authorities. Events develop to an unexpected ending, that talks about if sometimes vengeance may be justified.

World rights for all languages except Spanish



Verónica Murguía, Publisher; Ediciones Era,

152 pp, 13+ years.

Auliya, a lame girl in the verge to discover white magic, meets Abú al-Jakum, a young hero who seeks the sea. This encounter unleashes a moving succession of novel portents, and mixes the Arabic world in a legend of love in the desert, water and earth, puberty and courage.

World rights for all languages except spanish, german, portuguese and russian

La isla del naranjo.jpg

The Island of the Amazing Orange Tree

Mónica Rodríguez, Publisher: Ediciones El Naranjo,

 160 pp, 14+ years

Miranda is the heir of this amazing old orange tree of the island. Its juicy fruits unleash greed, sometimes driving people to the brink of greatest nonsense. This novel is a dreamlike place, narrated with the magical realism as the great writers in Latin America.

World rights for all languages except Spanish



Mónica Rodríguez, Publisher: Edelvives (Spain),

 128 pp, 14+ years

Everything changes for Mateo when he first meets Malik, a black American saxophonist. The musician’s past life, who achieved fame playing jazz on the streets, is linked with Mateo’s encounter with Malik and his dog Trumpet. His curiosity for music and the man’s life marks the relationship between them.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El fuego verde.jpg

The Green Fire

Verónica Murguía, Publisher: Ediciones SM,

 192 pp, 15+ years

Although born in a mountainous village, Luned is a forest creature, a tender, stubborn, untamed girl who just wants to run after the deers and climb trees. She does not know if there is a place for her, until the storyteller discovers her true vocation. But on the path to her future, Luned has to overcome the real world and the legend, both full of beauty and cruelty.

World rights for all languages except spanish and german

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