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Children Novels

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Pancha’s Notebook

Monique Zepeda, Illustrator: Martha Flores,

 112 pp, 9+ years

Pancha writes two stories: her own with Peter and one about teacher Zu. Although it was hard work, she made space for both in her notebook and in her heart. It all started the day Zu skipped school. Pancha doesn’t tell it in that order. The important thing for her is not what happened, but what she remembers.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Lili libertad.jpg

Lili, Freedom

Gonzalo Moure, illustrator Fernando Martín Godoy,

88 pp, 11+ years

Lili (or, as she prefers to be called, Freedom) has moved to a new city and a different school. She lives alone with her mother, with whom she barely speaks. What changes will the carnival bring to the girl's life? Lili takes the disguise as her personal crusade against the establishment and manages to attract the attention of those she cares about, including her mother. A great story that reflects the importance of self-confidence.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Sentido contrario.jpg

Opposite Way in the Jungle

Monique Zepeda, Publisher: Ediciones SM,

 144 pp, 12+ years

Nicolás rather stay in his room than look far into the world. Who could tell him that on a trip to the Lacandon jungle he was going to meet a jaguar, face one or two mysteries, know a new friend, and much more?

World rights for all languages except spanish and portuguese

En el sur.jpg

In The South

Christel Guczka, illustrator Octavio Cruz, 88 pp, 11+ years

Montserrat is forced to move to the city and her life has a turning point. At the beginning she is worried if her dad will send her letters to her new home and how is she going to live without her grandfather close to her. Little by little her days take another direction with her friend Yolo next to her. The city will make them aware of its different dangers. Both will discover that, wherever you go, the best compass to guide your destiny are your feelings.

Rights sold for English worldwide.


Old Gray Cat Looking Through the Window

Toño Malpica, illustrator Fernando Alba Marina Rivera,

104 pp, 12+ years

Why in hell is that man smiling so much?, Mario wonders every time he meets Manuel, a windshield wiper he sees every day at one of the crosswalks on his way to school. Mario has watched him carefully and is convinced that Manuel is the happiest man in the world, and he is determined to find out why. To do so, at the age of eleven, he makes the most important decision that will turn his parents upside down. But Mario won’t be alone in this search, his grandfather Humberto will be next to him, who has a special magic.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

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