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A picture book collection of eight adventure titles. Oscar, a curious and mischievous opossum, likes to explore the world on the lookout for new discoveries. He always finds solutions to the situation he encounters with his friends. Each book has a different subject relevant to children from any context or background. Playful texts with attractive illustrations, drive the reader into natural environments full of life, amazement, and heartfelt drama.

Marcos Almada Rivero, Publisher: Edelvives Mexico 

 48 pp, 4 to 7 years

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World rights for all languages except spanish and chinese

Oscar has a natural talent for getting into trouble. He is courageous, determined, enjoys physical action as climbing, running, and hiding. He can be a little bit arrogant or even conceited; at the end, he always shares with his sister and friends many adventures and lots of fun.

Domingo Teporingo

It has four titles named after the seasons of the year and with the color that identifies each season in the north hemisphere. All talk about the joyful adventures of a group of animals that live in a natural refuge on the slopes of a volcano in Mexico, with the same characteristics as other forests of the world.

Marcos Almada Rivero, Publisher: Norma 

 136 pp, 7+ years


World rights for all languages except Spanish

Domingo Teporingo, a kind of small rabbit loves music. He is accompanied by Casilda, his small sister; Badger Melendez, an explorer; Otto, the gourd, an obsessed reader; Mama Shrew, a jazz singer; Master Lalo, an industrious woodpecker; and Chulo Sam, a musical bird. The group of friends play, appreciate nature, and learn how take care of the place they live on.


The ten titles of this series present the life and daily activities of Natacha, a very charismatic and smart girl, who questions everybody. She is a passionate learner; her curiosity and irreverent personality changes every situation into an opportunity to discover the world. Natacha’s personality in portrayed in the illustrations.

Luis Pescetti,

Publisher: Santillana-Loqueleo 

  10+ years


orld rights for all languages except spanish and slovak (2 titles)

Each title focuses on a question on life, science, or language. Natacha leads the conversation with the imaginative fantasies children commonly have. They will recognize themselves in the interaction between Natacha and her mother. She is a character in which male children can identify or learn also of girls’ feelings and interests.


Frin series has three titles of a male child, main character, and his group of friends –especially Alma, with whom he falls in love. They are all around 10 years old and take place in a nonspecific city or country, where the characters can be outside home, independent, and move on their own.

Luis Pescetti,

Publisher: Santillana-Loqueleo 

 10+ years


World rights for all languages except Spanish

Frin is a hero of self-determination. He is not physically skilled or leader; he stands out for his delicate sensibility of not betraying himself or his own. He faces obstacles, none exceeds what a child his age may really do.

He is tailored to children’s real life to finally be a real hero. The absence of technology is entirely justified to avoid the ageing process of the stories and focus on the plot of each book.

The Book of the Heroes

This saga is a set of five books that effectively combines adventure, thriller, and terror genres. All this in an urban gloomy atmosphere with some supernatural brushstrokes. The main character is Sergio Mendoza, he grows from preadolescence to early youth.

Antonio Malpica, Publisher: Océano

  15+ years

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World rights for all languages except Spanish

He will encounter true terror to solve the mystery of some violent murders, understand their destiny and, at the same time, save his own life.

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