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Youth Novels

El Sindrome Mozart.jpg

Mozart’s Syndrome

Gonzalo Moure, 

 172 pp, 13+ years

Irene, a girl who loves to play the violin, meets Tomi in a village in Asturias during her vacation. She is impressed by his great musical talent and discovers that he is very, very special. As they get to know each other, she realizes that Tomi's story can be mirrored in that of another genius, Mozart. A wonderful novel that is a passionate dialogue through music.

World rights for all languages except korean

A la mierda la bicicleta.jpg

Screw the Bicycle!

Gonzalo Moure,

 160 pp, 10+ years

Javier, a fourteen-year-old boy, who lives in the countryside and loves his environment, becomes the new "friend of the animals" in a television program. But no one expects him to have ideas of his own that could jeopardize the adults' plans. He will refuse to play the role of a good savage, putting his integrity before the promises of material benefit from the sponsor. A novel about ethical dilemmas.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

No nos extrañara el sistema.jpg

The System Won’t Miss Us

Antonio Malpica, Publisher: Ediciones SM

 120 pp, 13+ years

Lorenzo writes about what he lives in a city watched over and inhabited by inexistent people if they don’t have ID cards. The system tries to control everything in the overwhelming city where traffic jams last for days. Lorenzo will meet Maria and find mistrust, loneliness, and death.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Cartas al rey.jpg

Letters for the King of the Cabin

Luis Pescetti, Publisher: Santillana-Loqueleo

 104 pp, 14+ years

Paloma, a girl nineteen, is in love, vaguely reciprocated. To deal with her pain, writes twenty-two letters of a young woman’s deep feelings after her first love disappointment. Through her letters, in poetic prose, the young woman asks her loved one to be understanding.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El lapiz de labios.jpg

Mr. President’s Lipstick

Antonio Malpica, Publisher; Ediciones SM, 

 156 pp, 13+ years

Maré’s world began to fall apart when he wanted to be routine free. A whim of chance puts him in a whirlwind of unfortunate events. Now he will have to solve his neighbor’s murder to regain his life and freedom.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La maquina.jpg

The Machine

Antonio Malpica, Publisher; Editorial Santillana-Loqueleo, 192 pp, 13+ years

Chano was rejected in school and must figure out what to do. His grandfather is insufferable, playing the oboe isolated from everybody. They do not get along at all. Events will lead them together through the world chasing a mysterious clue to a place where there is no time, no rules, and no conflicts.

Rights sold for English worldwide.

adonde no conozco.jpg

Where I Don’t Know Anything

Antonio Malpica, Publisher: Ediciones SM,

 172 pp, 13+ years

Filip’s life is violent. He faces a limit that is challenging. He will go on vacation to Denmark, away from the gangs and the precipice his life is falling. Three months with no fights in a place where you don’t know anything, is not easy for a fourteen-year-old boy used to punching.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

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