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About us...

Provides consulting and editorial services with special focus in Children and Young Adult’s Literature, mainly fiction and a few titles of non-fiction.

Lorenza Estandía has 28 years of editorial experience in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Agrupación Sierra Madre, Ediciones SM, Letras de Ultramar, Norma Group and in her Literary Agency. She has been responsible of publishing more than 200 books.

In 2019 she started a new career as a literary agent, promoting the work of well known and outstandig authors from Argentina (1), Mexico (8) and Spain (2), and two independent Mexican Publishers. The aim is to sell the rights of high quality books to be translated into other languages and sold in foreign countries.

The Catalogue for 2023 has 139 titles. It is organized with the following criteria:

  • Type of book: picture book, illustrated stories, illustrated novels, novels, poetry, plays, non-fiction books, and series

  • Reading age: from 0 to 18+ years

  • In alphabetical orden by the title translated into English

Mexico has talented authors, illustrators, editors, and designers, that have been awarded with important international and national literary awards. The aim is to bring high quality books closer to children and young readers living in different countries of the world.

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