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a bit about me:

Mexican author, illustrator, and animation director. His books are mainly targeted for young readers, and his animation projects can be appealing to a more mature audience.


Around 15 books published. Oscar the awesome opossum series has been well received by readers for more than a decade. Domingo Teporingo, another series, has four-chapter books for middle grade readers. He recently illustrated the book Señorita Mariposa published by Random House U.S., with seven editions in 2022. His books are sold in Mexico and Spain.

As an illustrator, Marcos has collaborated with the art of several albums and an animated video for the independent musician Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer). He has also worked on music videos for recognized musicians like Kenny Loggins and Martha Gómez.


As an independent filmmaker, has produced several shorts, selected and recognized in festivals around the world. He developed and directed the educational tv series named “El show del Dr. Gecko”, of complex scientific topics as genetics, airing in public tv stations for more than three years. 


  • One book recommended by the New York Library in 2019.

  • One album awarded with the Latin Grammy for Best Children’s Album. 

  • One book is part of the classroom and school libraries program of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico, 75,710 copies.


Three titles translated into Portuguese and Oscar’s whole series into simplified Chinese and English.

A new picture book will be published for Random House in 2023.

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