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Una luz contra.jpg

A Light Against War

Gonzalo Moure, Illustrated by Gabriel Pacheco 

 64 pp, 11+ years

Samira is a little girl who lives in a place engulfed in war. For her, the stories told by her elders are a refuge from the terrible reality, through them she escapes and dreams. Soon she begins to create her own stories. Her grandmother teaches her to read and write, so her stories circulate in homes, providing her readers or listeners a haven of peace.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Lili libertad.jpg

Lili, Freedom

Gonzalo Moure, Illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy 88 pp, 12+ years.

Lili (or, as she prefers to be called, Freedom) has moved to a new city and a different school. She lives alone with her mother, with whom she barely speaks. What changes will the carnival bring to the girl's life? Lili takes the disguise as her personal crusade against the establishment and manages to attract the attention of those she cares about, including her mother. A great story that reflects the importance of self-confidence.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El Sindrome Mozart.jpg

Mozart’s Syndrome

Gonzalo Moure,

 172 pp, 13+ years

Irene, a girl who loves to play the violin, meets Tomi in a village in Asturias during her vacation. She is impressed by his great musical talent and discovers that he is very, very special. As they get to know each other, she realizes that Tomi's story can be mirrored in that of another genius, Mozart. A wonderful novel that is a passionate dialogue through music.

World rights for all languages except korean


Old Gray Cat Looking Through the Window

Toño Malpica, Illustrated by Alba Marina Rivera

 104 pp, 12+ years

Why in hell is that man smiling so much?, Mario wonders every time he meets Manuel, a windshield wiper he sees every day at one of the crosswalks on his way to school. Mario has watched him carefully and is convinced that Manuel is the happiest man in the world, and he is determined to find out why. To do so, at the age of eleven, he makes the most important decision that will turn his parents upside down. But Mario won’t be alone in this search, his grandfather Humberto will be next to him, who has a special magic.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Palabras perdidas.jpg

Professor Ziper and the Missing Words

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 224 pp, 8+ years

Alex will have to solve the mystery of the words that begin to disappear. Together with his friends Julia and Asdrubal, will face powerful personalities who intend to control language and people. He will realize that Control Academy and the evil Cryptogram are behind this. Of course, he will look for Professor Zíper and his inven- tions to get out of the mess, besides having the help of characters like Francisco Hinojosa and El Fisgón, who will be key pieces to decipher the riddles of this fun story.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La cuchara.jpg

Professor Ziper's Tasty Spoon

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 136 pp, 8+ years

The most amazing surprise happened to Gonzo Luque, drummer of Liquid Cloud rock band, when he went on a diet. The corpulent musician decides to give up his delicious bacon and his triple club sandwich for Cindy Buendía, the girl that makes his heart beat faster. For someone who maily eats junk food, it won't be easy to achieve his goal. Encouraged by his friend Pablo Coyote, he turns to Professor Ziper to help him create an invention that will make him endure healthy food. Will Professor Ziper be able to help his old friend?

World rights for all languages except Spanish


Smiles´ Thief

Gabriela Peyron, Illustrated by Claudia Navarro

 64 pp, 8+ years

Pichicato Ramírez only cares for collecting things: from clips to milk teeth. Blinded by his mania, he makes a terrible pact that harms the people in town, including Ja- cinto, his nephew. Will anyone be able to rescue the Olotlecos and, above all, Jacinto and his team, who will compete in the baseball championship? Will Pichicato understand that in life there are more valuable things than material goods?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La cancha de los deseos.jpg

The Field of Desires

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Juan Carlos Palomino

 128 pp, 10+ years

Passions are high at the Atlántida Club stadium. People are cheering passionetly the national soccer team, especially Pancho, the crowd's idol striker. Despite all the fans' affection, the team is so bad that its qualification to the World Cup is at risk. Arturo and his father, a brilliant and imaginative scientist, will do their best to make the public's magnetism turn the players into ball magicians.

World rights for all languages except portuguese for Brazil

El libro salvaje.jpg

The Wild Book

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Gabriel Martínez Meave

 240 pp, 10+ years

Juan has already planned his summer vacation. However, his mother ignores his plans and leaves him at Tio Tito's house, an inveterate bibliophile who makes noise when he eats and is afraid of teddy bears. There, hidden among the thousands of books in his uncle's library, Juan will have to find The Wild Book, a rebellious book that resists to be read and holds a secret between its pages destined for the reader able to catch it.

World rights for all languages except arab, chinese, english, french, german, italian, portuguese for Brazil, russian, Turkish

Palabras de caramelo.jpg

Candy Words

Gonzalo Moure, Illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy 80 pp, 10+ years.

Kori is 8 years old and can only understand words reading lip movements. That is why he is able to know what his best friend is telling him, a small camel he tries to save on his way to the desert he has always dreamed of. Maybe his adventure will never end, basically for Candy’s special message.

World rights for all languages except catalán, italian, portugués and swedish

Maito panduro.jpg

Maíto Panduro

Gonzalo Moure, Illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy

 128 pp, 10+ years

It is the story of a gypsy boy who lives, like many others, in a different social order in a depressed village, of his personal relationships, and his maturity. His father is in prison, illiterate, and draws letters to his son, that speak of feelings, love and freedom.

World rights for all languages except basque, catalán and galician

Los caballos de mi tio.jpg

My Uncle’s Horses

Gonzalo Moure, Illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy

 152 pp, 10+ years

The best thing about vacation is to do nothing. Dario knows this very well, who, at the age of ten, takes care of his uncle's horses in a village by the sea. Living close to the animals, riding with his friend Paula, the countryside, the beach, a golden sun or clouds full of rain... will always make him remember "that summer seems like every summer in life".

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El Profesor.jpg

Professor Ziper and the Fabulous Electric Guitar

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 136 pp, 8+ years

Cremallerus, a solitary and fearsome scientist, jealous of the prestige and charm of the distracted Professor Ziper, engages with him in a fierce battle. The future of Liquid Cloud, a popular and fun rock band whose successful career is in jeopardy, depends on its results. Thanks to Pablo Coyote's courage and the extraordinary invention by Ziper, the story follows unsuspected paths in which the powers of fantastic science intertwine with those of a boundless imagination.

World rights for all languages except dutch

El te de tornillo.jpg

Professor Ziper's Screw Tea

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 176 pp, 8+ years

Lucio, Alex's older brother, has been missing for twelve years and no one has any news of him. Until one day, a strange old man visits and informs Lucio that his brother is trapped in the Immortals Island, where time never passes. Alex decides to embark on a journey to rescue him, but first he searches for Ziper, the only scientist capable of beating time. Will they find the right antidote?

World rights for all languages except Dutch

A la mierda la bicicleta.jpg

Screw the Bicycle!

Gonzalo Moure,

 160 pp, 10+ years

Javier, a fourteen-year-old boy, who lives in the countryside and loves his environment, becomes the new "friend of the animals" in a television program. But no one expects him to have ideas of his own that could jeopardize the adults' plans. He will refuse to play the role of a good savage, putting his integrity before the promises of material benefit from the sponsor. A novel about ethical dilemmas.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La gota gorda.jpg

The Fat Drop

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Rosana Faría

 136 pp, 6+ years

Max Maximus, the town giant, doesn't know how to please Mini Maria, his beloved tiny daughter. She really wants to go to the beach, but her daddy has no money to pay for a hotel that admits giants. So the little girl comes up with an ingenious plan.

World rights for all languages except korean

Las golosinas secretas.jpg

The Secret Goodies

Juan Villoro, Illustrated by Mauricio Gómez Morín

 40 pp, 6+ years

Rosita, the prettiest girl of the neighborhood, disappears due to a magic lipstick that fat Tencha gave her. She saw it in a TV show: a lipstick that made people invisible and wants to erase Rosita as if she were a drawing in a notebook. Fito goes in search of her, but to find Rosita he will need the help from Don Silvestre and the secret candy!

World rights for all languages except dutch


Where Are They Going?

Gabriela Peyron, Illustrated by Marcos Guardiola Martín

 32 pp, 5+ years

Animals of different species must move during certain times of the year for different reasons. These migrations lead them to undertake journeys that last for weeks or months. Do you want to know where they are going?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

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