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Books to Imagine



a bit about me:

Is an independent Mexican publishing house established in 2009. In 13 years has published 53 books and 4 ebooks for young readers of different ages. Selects books that express diversity in content, places, and illustrations. Its logo is a cacomixtle, a Mexican mammal, whose name is Xook, which, in Mayan language, means reading.

For this publisher, to imagine is to play with words and images. To create and dream is a way to build characters, stories, tales, and narratives.

  • One book is shortlisted in IBBY Mexico’s Recommended Book Guide, 2019.

  • One book is shortlisted in “Fundación Cuatrogatos” One Hundred Recommended Book List, 2020.

  • Twenty one titles are part of the classroom and school libraries program of the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico with 879,943 copies.

  • Three books are in indigenous languages of Mexico.

  • Four books are in ebook format.

One book received the Editorial Art Award of the National Chamber of the Mexican Publishing Industry (CANIEM), in Children’s Ebook Category, 2022.

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