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Illustrated Children Novels

Ancla 1

Smiles´ Thief

Gabriela Peyron illustrated by Claudia Navarro

64 pp, 8+ years

Pichicato Ramírez only cares for collecting things: from clips to milk teeth. Blinded by his mania, he makes a terrible pact that harms the people in town, including Ja- cinto, his nephew. Will anyone be able to rescue the Olotlecos and, above all, Jacinto and his team, who will compete in the baseball championship? Will Pichicato understand that in life there are more valuable things than material goods?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Las mascotas secretas.jpg

The Secret Pets

Verónica Murguía illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone

 136 pp, 7+ years

Mina and Pedro are best friends. They are different but share a fascination for animals. Pepita, Mina ́s friend, only likes stuffed unicorns. Her parents never pay attention to her, she makes tantrums to seek attention. Certain events will show her the value of friendship and to respect all living beings.

World rights for all languages except spanish

Ladridos y conjuros.jpg

Barks and Spells

Verónica Murguía illustrated by Ixchel Estrada

 272 pp, 9+ years

The enmity between cats and dogs is an incredibly old matter. However, in San Lorenzo Park everyone respects the truce, until one morning a strange situation arises: men, dogs and cats are blaming each other. Only magic will reveal who is responsible.

World rights for all languages except Spanish


Margot. The Little, Little Story

of a House in Alfa Centauri

Toño Malpica illustrated by Luisa Uribe

 184 pp, 9+ years

Margot lives in the garbage dump, is in love with “R”, cooks, and helps her father gather plastic, cardboard, and aluminum. She must carry out certain missions, simple, of great and unexpected importance to mankind. Margot becomes an 8-year-old superhero who will change the lives of others around her.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Rani timbo.jpg

Rani, Timbo, and Tlaloc’s Daughter

Verónica Murguía illustrated by Juan José Colsa

100 pp, 9+ years

Rani, an elephant living in the zoo, wants to be free, tour in the city, and have her own adventures. Her friend Timbo, a stray cat, talks about his daily night adventures. After defending a girl selling candy, Timbo will be rewarded with a wish he shares with Rany, and some stories from Ancient Mexico.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Palabras de caramelo.jpg

Candy Words

Gonzalo Moure illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy

 80 pp, 10+ years

Kori is 8 years old and can only understand words reading lip movements. That is why he is able to know what his best friend is telling him, a small camel he tries to save on his way to the desert he has always dreamed of. Maybe his adventure will never end, basically for Candy’s special message.

World rights for all languages except catalán, italian, portugués and swedish

El libro salvaje.jpg

The Wild Book

Juan Villoro, illustrated by Gabriel Martínez Meave

 240 pp, 10+ years

Juan has already planned his summer vacation. However, his mother ignores his plans and leaves him at Tio Tito's house, an inveterate bibliophile who makes noise when he eats and is afraid of teddy bears. There, hidden among the thousands of books in his uncle's library, Juan will have to find The Wild Book, a rebellious book that resists to be read and holds a secret between its pages destined for the reader able to catch it.

World rights for all languages except arab, chinese, english, french, german, italian, portuguese for Brazil, russian, Turkish

La historia de un pupitre.jpg

The Story of an Empty School Desk

Gabriela Peyron illustrated by Jonathan Farr

 120 pp, 10+ years

As Mauricio was trying to understand Pancho’s vocation, his best friend, he found out that the school nurse and doctor have weird habits. On the first final exam, Andrea did not show up and her desk remained empty. Nobody knew about her, so Mauricio and Pancho will investigate her disappearance.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Soldados de la lluvia.jpg

Soldiers in the Rain

Toño Malpica Illustrated by María Teresa Dehevia

 168 pp, 11+ years

During the Mexican Revolution in 1910, a 9- and 5-years old brother and sister orphans must face their grandfather’s illness and the hunger caused by the war. A man comes to their house; believing that he is the devil, they negotiate the old man’s life.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Opa al rescate.jpg

Opa to the Rescue

Gabriela Peyron illustrated by Teresa Martínez

120 pp, 7+ years

This book talks about a beautiful museum that houses the empress’ sleepers and a ghost that appears every night with the waltz music. Gertrudis works at the museum safeguarding the rooms. Opa, her loyal hairy partner, will solve the mystery of this lovely story about friendship... and ghosts in museums.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Hotel Monstruo.jpg

Monster Hotel, Welcome!

Verónica Murguía illustrated by Luis San Vicente

 84 pp, 8+ years

Warty, a 200-year-old witch, receives a castle as inheritance and a large debt to pay. She decides with her friends to use the castle as a hotel. They never imagined that the first guests be professional thieves. This is a story where all the monsters have fun, sing, and do their best to have a happy ending.

World rights for all languages except spanish


Kibombo Bursts into Capital City

Monique Zepeda illustrated by Renata Galindo

 136 pp, 9+ years

Valentina and Leonardo are best friends and neighbors. One day they find a mysterious door that leads them into a great adventure. Kibombo, a quirky friend, will help them discover the power of questions to overcome bullying or the uneasiness for not understanding why parents argue or are absent.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Los mil años.jpg

Pepe’s Corcueña One Thousand Years

Toño Malpica illustrated by Amira Arand

 104 pp, 9+ years

Nine-year-old Noe has read books and seen many movies. He never thought he would lose his freedom and be forced to live away from home and family. To escape from reality, Noe takes refuge in his imagination, the only way to make his imprisonment bearable.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Por el color.jpg

By the Color of the Wheat

Toño Malpica illustrated by Iban Barrenetxe

 66 pp, 10+ years

A literary biography of The Little Prince author. Tonio is a young man determined to discover the world. Tonio shares with Bribonzuelo (little rascal) the stories he writes, the people he meets, and the special friend he ought to find. The story ends with that journey from which Tonio never returned.

World rights for all languages except spanish and chinese

Maito panduro.jpg

Maíto Panduro

Gonzalo Moure illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy

 128 pp, 10+ years

It is the story of a gypsy boy who lives, like many others, in a different social order in a depressed village, of his personal relationships, and his maturity. His father is in prison, illiterate, and draws letters to his son, that speak of feelings, love and freedom.

World rights for all languages except basque, catalán and galician

Los caballos de mi tio.jpg

My Uncle’s Horses

Gonzalo Moure, illustrated by Fernando Martín Godoy

 152 pp, 10+ years

The best thing about vacation is to do nothing. Dario knows this very well, who, at the age of ten, takes care of his uncle's horses in a village by the sea. Living close to the animals, riding with his friend Paula, the countryside, the beach, a golden sun or clouds full of rain... will always make him remember "that summer seems like every summer in life".

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Cancion sobre un niño.jpg

Carol About a Boy Lost in the Snow

Toño Malpica Illustrated by Sara Quijano

 240 pp, 11+ years

Billy Cratchit has a place waiting for him to have dinner with his family on Christmas Eve. He won’t come... unless a special errand and a box of memories accomplish the unexpected. Walk around the 19th century London streets and accompany the characters of A Christmas Carol in this tribute to Charles Dickens.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

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