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Illustrated stories

Ancla 1
5. I Want a Pet .jpeg

I Want a Pet

Judy Goldman illustrated by Enrique Torralba

 48 pp, 3+ years

A very imaginative girl wants a dog but one pet is not enough so she wants two anteaters to eat all the insects that come into her house, three crocodiles… A fun counting book for the little ones.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

11. The Best Gift .jpg

The Best Gift

Christel Guczka illustrated by Jacqueline Velázquez

 24 pp, 3+ years

This book talks about the close relationship of a little girl with her grandmother who with her yarn weaving, makes beautiful and original creations. It is a book full of nice metaphors and symbolism. 

Rights sold for English for USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Philipines and Singapure



Judy Goldman illustrated by Evelyn Alarcó

 12 pp, 3+ years

Getting our babies to learn to sleep in their own bed is a challenge. Find out what daddy does to teach Sofia to sleep in her own crib. This is, without a doubt, a book that will allow parents and educators to support the little ones at bedtime in a tender and simple way.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

13. Me Against One Thousand and One Hair

Me Against One Thousand and One Hairs

Gabriela Peyron illustrated by Arno Avilés

 36 pp, 4+ years

A little boy watches his father's beard and asks if someday he will have one. Mom and Dad say that in the least thought one day he will also have one. From now on, this small boy is expecting that anytime, when he wakes up or is in school, his face will have a thick beard. 

World rights for all languages except Spanish

19. Grisoforo and His Shadow.jpg

Grisóforo and His Shadow

Christel Guczka illustrated by Natalia Gurovich

 48 pp, 6+ years

You may go out from home with no keys, nor your lunch or even without combing your hair; but, without shoes?, not waking up? You may find out what happened to Grisóforo one day he was late and got out running without noticing what he was wearing, and even what he was forgetting! This a fellowship story that will make you smile under the sun.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El honor y la muerte.jpg

Honor or Death 

Toño Malpica Illustrated by O’Kif

 40 pp, 6+ years

After a busy day, Capitan Bloodthirsty returns home to wield his sword next to Ruthless Morgan and give battle to their adversaries. As he gets home, he looks for his partner, but little by little discovers that finally happened what he feared ever since both met...

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La porcion mas.jpg

The Largest Cake Portion

Toño Malpica Illustrated by Karina Cocq

 56 pp, 6+ years

The Queen and King are desperate. Their children’s fights are unbelievable. The princess fights for the bigger prince bedroom, and her brother gets annoyed when she gets a larger soup portion. The exaggerated tantrums need the kingdom’s wizard intervention, who decides to fulfill the princes’ common desire.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Tio monarca.jpg

Uncle Monarch

Judy Goldman Illustrated by Inés Hün

 40 pp, 6+ years

When the monarch butterflies return to the Mexican countryside where Lupita lives, she knows that Día de muertos is near. Her uncle reminds her that she should never capture or hurt a monarch because they are believed to be the souls of the departed. As the day gets near, Lupita and her family get ready for the celebration with food and decorations for the altar. This story if about the true meaning of Mexico’s Día de muertos.

World rights for all languages except spanish and english

La tia clio.jpg

Aunt Clío and the Typewriter

Mónica Rodríguez Illustrated by Lucía Serrano

97 pp, 7+ years

My aunt Clío is an anthropologist and there is nothing weird. For me she is the best aunt of the world! She will help me with my school homework: to find a treasure. She will look for hers and I for mine. Maybe we won’t find them, but we will have a wonderful time for sure. Which may be your best treasure?

World rights for all languages except Spanish and Turkish

En busca del cuento.jpg

In Search of the Story

Christel Guczka illustrated by Ludvila

 64 pp, 7+ years

Hermelinda enjoys riding her bike, eating vegetables, and rescuing animals. She isn’t happy in this story. The great differences with her mother make their life difficult. Herme is determined to search for her own story, will meet the characters of some of the classic fairy tales, to finally find her own essence.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

De astutos tragones.jpg

Of Intelligent, Hungry, and Biting Creatures

Judy Goldman illustrated by Juan Gedoviu

 80 pp, 7+ years

What do a rabbit that wants to be bigger, a skunk that goes hunting, and a rabbit trapped by a coyote have in common? That they’re astute, hungry, and likely to bite. Three fun folktales from Mexico.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El bondadoso rey.jpg

The Kind King

Toño Malpica illustated by Valeria Gall

 80 pp, 7+ years

This is a story about a child and his grandfather who share all, their points of view on situations they live
and the things they hide to avoid hurting one another. Experiment emotions, question yourself on how to deal with personal experiences, and broaden perspectives to better comprehend others as you read it.

World rights for all languages except spanish and chinese

Kerida Azuba.jpg

Dear Azubá

Mónica Rodríguez illustrated by Anuska Allepuz

 96 pp, 8+ years

Raz has a secret, thus he can’t stop looking through his store window waiting for a letter that never arrives. Until one day Marcos and Arce, two nine-year old kids, work to change it. They need to figure out his secret so Raz may be happy. This is a story of coexistence and the importance of feeling loved.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Palabras perdidas.jpg

Professor Ziper and the Missing Words

Juan Villoro illustrated by

Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 224 pp, 8+ years

Alex will have to solve the mystery of the words that begin to disappear. Together with his friends Julia and Asdrubal, will face powerful personalities who intend to control language and people. He will realize that Control Academy and the evil Cryptogram are behind this. Of course, he will look for Professor Zíper and his inven- tions to get out of the mess, besides having the help of characters like Francisco Hinojosa and El Fisgón, who will be key pieces to decipher the riddles of this fun story.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La cuchara.jpg

Professor Ziper's Tasty Spoon

Juan Villoro illustrated by

Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 136 pp, 8+ years

The most amazing surprise happened to Gonzo Luque, drummer of Liquid Cloud rock band, when he went on a diet. The corpulent musician decides to give up his delicious bacon and his triple club sandwich for Cindy Buendía, the girl that makes his heart beat faster. For someone who maily eats junk food, it won't be easy to achieve his goal. Encouraged by his friend Pablo Coyote, he turns to Professor Ziper to help him create an invention that will make him endure healthy food. Will Professor Ziper be able to help his old friend?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El pulpo esta crudo.jpg

The Octopus is Raw

Luis Pescetti illustrated by O’Kif

 88 pp, 8+ years

Twelve short stories in which humor arises from the most absurd situations, exaggerations, cinema parodies and television stereotypes, absurd dialogues, and an original handling of language in which the limits between orality and writing disappear.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

de donde viene los sueños.jpg

Where Do Dreams Come From?

María de Jesús Nieto and adapted by Zoraida Vázquez Beveraggi illustrated by Esmeralda Río

 32 pp, 8+ years

We wonder where the dreams come from. A girl and her mother fly off with few magic words to find the answer. On their way, amidst the colored lights, stellar winds, stars, and clouds, they will discover the Moon and it’s Lady:

the Ancestral Mother and the Crazy Dreams Huntresses... Will they find the answer?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Los muertos andan en bici.jpg

The Dead Ride a Bicycle

Christel Guczka illustrated by Betania Zacarías

 36 pp, 9+ years

Tocino (Bacon) has no luck with his school homework when it is about his family. For the last one, he got a 3-day suspension. His teacher thinks he is always making up things that are of bad taste. But his family is really very special. He will confirm so in this vacation when someone is determined to go with them and will make it unforgettable.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Mi tio reina.jpg

My Uncle, Queen Mora, Nijinsky and I

Mónica Rodríguez illustrated by Martha Sevilla

 96 pp, 9+ years

Anita travels with her uncle around the world, from city to city, from theater to theater. Her uncle is a ballet dancer; but not any dancer, he is the best one. Anita really enjoys her travels, although sometimes they get into trouble. Her uncle is, let’s say, a peculiar adult.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Cuentos Mayas.jpg

Mayan stories

Judy Goldman illustrated by Ángel Campo

 156 pp, 10+ years

Is a book that collects some of the stories of the Mayan oral tradition. The stories have to do with animals and the circumstances they face in the early stages of Creation, their ways of living together and their specific requests, which result in their most remarkable characteristics. Why do lizards shed their tails when they are in danger, or why does the jaguar has those spots and keeps hiding in the jungle shadows?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La cancha de los deseos.jpg

The Field of Desires

Juan Villoro illustrated by

Juan Carlos Palomino

 128 pp, 10+ years

Passions are high at the Atlántida Club stadium. People are cheering passionetly the national soccer team, especially Pancho, the crowd's idol striker. Despite all the fans' affection, the team is so bad that its qualification to the World Cup is at risk. Arturo and his father, a brilliant and imaginative scientist, will do their best to make the public's magnetism turn the players into ball magicians.

World rights for all languages except portuguese for Brazil

Una luz contra.jpg

A Light Against War

Gonzalo Moure illustrated by Gabriel Pacheco 

64 pp, 11+ years

Samira is a little girl who lives in a place engulfed in war. For her, the stories told by her elders are a refuge from the terrible reality, through them she escapes and dreams. Soon she begins to create her own stories. Her grandmother teaches her to read and write, so her stories circulate in homes, providing her readers or listeners a haven of peace.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

9. Lola's Hiccup .jpg

Lola's Hiccup

Christel Guczka illustrated by Aitana Carrasco

 32 pp, 3+ years

Since Lola was born she has been a very sensitive girl, her parents say; weird, her friends comment; beyond all bearing, her brother thinks. Because if Lola is not crying for everything, she starts with a loud laughter, and if she is not laughing, she gets a strong hiccup that makes everybody shiver… watch out.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

14. Will The Three Kings Come.jpeg

Will The Three Kings Come?

Judy Goldman illustrated by Cecilia Rébora

 36 pp, 4+ years

Ramón is worried because he is sure that his dog, Becca, chewed the figure of one of the kings from the Nativity scene. Even though he does his best to fix it, he goes to bed worried that perhaps they won’t show up. A fun book about a beloved Mexican tradition.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

12. Lorenza Get Off the Dog.jpg

Lorenza, Get Off the Dog!

Toño Malpica illustrated by Manuel Monroy

 40 pp, 4+ years

There are many fathers in the world. In this story, however, there is only one: Lorenza's. A whirlwind who doesn't like wearing shoes and loves to eat toothpaste. Keeping up with her pace isn't easy and can be exhausting at times, but at the end of the day, it's the everyday experiences that give us life.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Sin título-1.jpg

Anita and Tomás


Judy Goldman

5+ years

Anita finds a stray cat she names Tomás. They become inseparable. He gets older and, one day, he doesn’t wake up. Anita is very sad for her loss. In Día de Muertos —a time for Mexican families to honor lovingly and welcome back the souls of the departed— she builds an altar under a tree to honor his memory.

World rights for all languages

El primer dia.jpg

The First Day

Toño Malpica illustrated by Jorge González

 48 pp, 6+ years

Not everyone survives school’s first day. The protagonist of this story knows it very well. Among the scary things of a six years old are not only monsters or alien invasions, also the first day at elementary school. A story that humorously addresses the fear to the unknown.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La gota gorda.jpg

The Fat Drop

Juan Villoro illustrated by Rosana Faría

 136 pp, 6+ years

Max Maximus, the town giant, doesn't know how to please Mini Maria, his beloved tiny daughter. She really wants to go to the beach, but her daddy has no money to pay for a hotel that admits giants. So the little girl comes up with an ingenious plan.

World rights for all languages except Korean

Las Golosinas secretas.jpg

The Secret Goodies

Toño Malpica Illustrated by

Mauricio Gómez Morín

 40 pp, 6+ years

Rosita, the prettiest girl of the neighborhood, disappears due to a magic lipstick that fat Tencha gave her. She saw it in a TV show: a lipstick that made people invisible and wants to erase Rosita as if she were a drawing in a notebook. Fito goes in search of her, but to find Rosita he will need the help from Don Silvestre and the secret candy!

World rights for all languages except dutch

Ahora somos dos.jpg

We Are Two Now

Toño Malpica Illustrated by Enrique Torralba

 64 pp, 6+ years

Tavo comes from Mars and asks for help in his mission to take over the Earth. He didn’t expect to receive it from Lulu, a tiny creature that can only weep and eat. Tavo doesn’t understand why his whole family acts different because of Lulu. He will soon realize what her real mission is.

World rights for all languages except Spanish and French

Cuentos antiguos.jpg

Old Tales for Modern Children

Judy Goldman illustrated by Irma Esther Bastida

 80 pp, 7+ years

Is an anthology of three seemingly biblical the stories: the Story of Creation, Noah’s Ark and a short Christmas story about the Nativity that we put every year under the Christmas tree and a little mouse that have been amusingly adapted for young readers.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

De pata plumas.jpg

Of Feet, Feathers, and Hair

Judy Goldman illustrated by Juan Gedovius

 84 pp, 7+ years

The creatures that appear in the pages of this book might not have the best hair or feathers or the swiftest legs, but they are brave and persevere against all odds. Prepare to be entertained with these three folktales told by the Maya, Pima, and Seri people of Mexico.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La armonica.jpg

The Harmonica

Toño Malpica illustrated by Aitana Carrasco

 40 pp, 7+ years

The characters of this story are a gentleman with a big heart who lived in the Crusades; Ruperto, a very special boy, big as a giant, but with tiny ideas as a baby; and, a mother who dreams of her son going far far away. There is also a brass armor, some spells, and many melodies.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

dos leyendas aztecas.jpg

Two Aztec Legends. The Sacred Bones

and The New Sun

Judy Goldman illustrated by Ángel Campos 

46 pp, 7+ years

Two pre-Hispanic myths adapted so that a young audience can become familiar with Aztec cosmogony. In the first story, Quetzalcoatl, in a heroic intent to give life to humans, faces the Lord of the dead to obtain the sacred bones from which he will make them. In the second story, two gods offer their lives to become the sun and the moon.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El Profesor.jpg

Professor Ziper and the Fabulous Electric Guitar

Juan Villoro illustrated by

Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 136 pp, 8+ years

Cremallerus, a solitary and fearsome scientist, jealous of the prestige and charm of the distracted Professor Ziper, engages with him in a fierce battle. The future of Liquid Cloud, a popular and fun rock band whose successful career is in jeopardy, depends on its results. Thanks to Pablo Coyote's courage and the extraordinary invention by Ziper, the story follows unsuspected paths in which the powers of fantastic science intertwine with those of a boundless imagination.

World rights for all languages except dutch

El te de tornillo.jpg

Professor Ziper's Screw Tea

Juan Villoro illustrated by

Rafael Barajas, “El Fisgón”

 176 pp, 8+ years

Lucio, Alex's older brother, has been missing for twelve years and no one has any news of him. Until one day, a strange old man visits and informs Lucio that his brother is trapped in the Immortals Island, where time never passes. Alex decides to embark on a journey to rescue him, but first he searches for Ziper, the only scientist capable of beating time. Will they find the right antidote?

World rights for all languages except dutch

La niña de los caracoles.jpg

The Girl of the Seashells

Mónica Rodríguez illustrated by Juan Ramón Alonso

 128 pp, 8+ years

Marina lives in a small village. She loves to pick up seashells with her father and keep them in a box. Her father names it her treasure. Marina’s father is sent to jail for saying what he thinks. Marina will go with her friend Hugo to look for him and pay his penalty with her seashell treasure box.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Tico el traductor de animales.jpg

Tico, the Animal Translator

Christel Guczka illustrated by Silvia Luz Alvarado

 42 pp, 8+ years

Germán can talk with animals in their own languages; not only with goof or meow, but in others more difficult. He is always trying; and, sometimes, he has good results. If communication gets stucked, he always has Tico, the animal translator next to him.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Luca el dinosaurio feliz.jpg

Lucas. The Happy Dinosaur

Irene Selser illustrated by Sr. No quiero

 32 pp, 9+ years

Imagine that one day you wake up and find a small dinosaur lying next to your bed. It happened to Tomy; but in a few minutes, the news had already traveled half the world thanks to the friends network called “Searching for dinosaurs”. Find out the uproar it caused.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

La Mas densa niebla.jpg

The Densest Darkness

Toño Malpica illustrated by Joaquín Aragón

 88 pp, 9+ years

When Karen slipped into the well, no one had seen her fall and she would never be found. Then she heard someone say: You only have two options: to live or to die. From that moment on, she will be taken to a disturbing place where Mister Ander will show her that our biggest fear comes from an unimaginable place.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Caperucita Roja.jpg

Little Red Riding Hood. (As It Was Told to Jorge)

Luis Pescetti ilustrated by O’Kif

 32 pp, 10+ years

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic story that comes from the oral tradition, and of which are many versions. In this work, the father tells Jorge his version. As the narration progresses, the reader realizes that the story of the father has nothing to do with the one his son imagines.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Las mejores alas.jpg

The Best Wings

Toño Malpica illustrated by Tony Sandoval

 128 pp, 10+ years

Gus is a homeless kid that dreams to fly and reach the sky. He saves his earnings in the stop lights to buy his airplane. When a close girl friend has an accident, he doesn’t hesitate to give his savings to help pay her surgery. Is he going to fulfill his dream without the $23.15 dollars saved for his plane?

World rights for all languages except Spanish

El hotel.jpg

The Hotel

Mónica Rodríguez illustrated by Paula Blume

 152 pp, 10+ years

As a child I lived in my grandfather’s hotel; my uncles and some tenants also lived there. They were all fun and special, each with their own fantasy. This is the story of that hotel full of stories, and how one day we almost lost everything, or at least, the most important thing: fantasies.

World rights for all languages except Spanish

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