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Starting Readers

36. Kerida Azubá .jpg

Kerida Azubá

Mónica Rodríguez Ilustrated By Anuska Allepuz

 96 pp, 8+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Raz has a secret, thus he can't stop looking through his store window waiting for a letter that never arrives. Until one day Marcos and Arce, two nine-year old kids, work to change it. They need to figure out the secret so Raz may be happy. Mónica Rodríguez was finalist in SM Barco de Vapor Prize in 2012 with this story of coexistence and the importance of feeling loved.

24. Let's Eat Flowers .jpeg

Let's Eat Flowers!

Judy Goldman ilustrated by Valeria Gallo and photos Ilán Rabchinskey

 40 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Did you know that there are edible flowers? In this book you will find out that, besides adorning spaces, flowers can also be delicious. A book with lots of information about edible flowers from Mexico and some ancestral recipes. 55,936 copies sold to the Secretariat of Public Education Mexico.

37. Monster Hotel. Wellcome! .png

Monster Hotel. Wellcome!

Veronica Murguia Ilustrated by Luis San Vicente

 84 pp, 8+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Warty, a 200-year-old witch, inherits a castle and a large debt that she has to pay off. The witch decides, together with her friends, to use the castle as a hotel, but she never imagined that her first guests will be professional thieves. This is a story where all the monsters have fun, sing and do their best to have a happy ending.

26. Of Feet, Feathers and Hairs .jpg

Of Feet, Feathers and Hairs 

Judy Goldman  ilustrated by Juan Gedovius

84 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

The creatures that appear in the pages of this book might not have the best hair or feathers or the swiftest legs but they are brave and persevere against all odds. Prepare to be entertained with these three folktales told by the Maya, Pima, and Seri people of Mexico. 

28. Opa to the Rescue .JPG

Opa to the Rescue

Gabriela Peyron ilustrated by Teresa Martínez

 120 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Do you see the castle that is in the poster in the cover of this book? This castle is a beautiful museum that keeps portraits, furniture and old secrets. For example, the sleepers of the empress and a ghost that every night appears with the vals rythm. Yes, a ghost. Gertrudis works at the museum watching the rooms. Opa, her loyal hairy partner, will solve the mistery of this entertaining lovely story about friendship... and ghosts in museums.

30. The Aunt Clío and the Typewriter .jp

The Aunt Clío and the Typewriter

Mónica Rodríguez ilustrated by Lucía Serrano

 90 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

My aunt Clío is nuts; well... she is not. She is an anthropologist and there is nothing weird. For me she is perfect, the best aunt of the world. She is going to help me with my school homework: to find a treasure. Well in real she is going to look for her treasure and I for mine; I don't know if we will find them, but we will have a wonderful time for sure. What would be your best treasure? This story talks about the value that each person gives to things, and projecting our personality in all the moments of our life.

39. The Girl of the Seashells .jpg

The Girl of the Seashells 

Mónica Rodríguez, illustrated by Juan Ramón Alonso

 128 pp, 8+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Marina lives in a small village in the country. She loves to  go out with her dad and picks up the seashells she finds after the rain. She keeps them in a box. Her father tells her she has a treasure. One day, Marina's father, an icecream seller, is sent to jail for his saying what he thinks. After that, Marina stops talking and only thinks in how to rescue him. She decides to escape to the city with her friend Hugo to look for her father and pay his randsom with the seashells treasure box. 

33. The Kind King.jpg

The Kind King

Toño Malpica ilustrated by Valeria Gallo

 80 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

This is not only the story about a child and his grandfather who share it all. It also displays their points of view on situations they go through together and on the things they hide to avoid hurting one another. Toño Malpica leads us to experiment different emotions, to question ourselves about the way we deal with personal experiences, and to broaden our perspectives to better comprehend others.

34. The Secret Pets .png

The Secret Pets

Veronica Murguia ilustated by Ana Laura Cantone

 136 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Mina and Pedro are best friends and even though they think they are quite different, they share a fascination for animals. Pepita, Mina´s friend, only likes stuffed unicorn animals and her parents never pay attention to her, they are always busy. So she lashes out on those around her and makes tantrums to seek attention. Certain events will show her the true value of friendship, the respect all living beings deserve, and that even the strangest animals can be incredible pets.

41. Where Do Dreams Come From.jpg

Where Do Dreams Come From?

Maria de Jesus Nieto ilustrated by Esmeralda Ríos

 32 pp, 8+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Don't we all wonder where the dreams come from? A girl and her mother fly off with a few words of magic to find the answer. On their way, they witness unimaginable events. Amidst the coloured lights, stellar winds, stars, and clouds, they will discover of the Moon and it's Lady: the Ancestral Mother and the Huntresses of Crazy, really crazy, dreams... But will they find the answer? This book has an English version.

23. Let's Eat Bugs .jpg

Let's Eat Bugs!

Judy Goldman  illustrated by Margarita Sada and photos by Ilan Rabchinskey, 40 pp, 7+ years.

Rights sold for English worldwide.

Bugs can look weird but taste very good. Some are so delicious that they are considered a delicacy. In Mexico, there are many types of edible insects and this book talks about some of them. It even includes recipes, in case you want to prepare them. 44,347 copies sold to the Secretariat of Public Education Mexico.

25. Lifesaver .JPG


Monique Zepeda Ilustrated by Marcos Almada Rivero

 98 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

This is a very special book. So special it's very likely it will only listen to you, and probably you will only share your secret with it. What kind of secret are we talking about? One of those secrets you haven't shared with your parents or teachers. The kind of secret that hurts you and makes you feel guilty. This book addresses the topics of sexual harassment, bullying and family violence.

38. Movies to Imagine.jpg

Movies to Imagine. The Adventure Begins in Yucatan

Zoraida Vásquez Beveraggi

 32 pp, 8+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

The cinematograph is one of the greatest inventions of all times. Children and adults continue to be amazed at the screen. We never stop asking: Who invented the movies?, where?, when?, which was the first film? Although many books have been written to answer all these questions, we wanted to know what happened in Mexico; so we reviewed old documents and kept asking the experts. At the end of this journey we found an answer that very few know of: The first feature film was done in Merida, Yucatan in 1916! This book is coedition with the Secretariat of Culture in Mexico. 92,070 copies sold to the Secretariat of Public Education 

27. Of Intelligent, Hungry and Biting Cr

Of Intelligent, Hungry and Biting Creatures

Judy Goldmanilustrated by Juan Gedovius

 80 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

What do a rabbit that wants to be bigger, a skunk that goes hunting, and a rabbit trapped by a coyote have in common? That they’re astute, hungry, and likely to bite. Three fun folktales from Mexico.

29. Silent Tiger .JPG

Silent Tiger Writes Poetry

Monique Zepeda ilustrated by Julián Cicero

 64 pp, 7+ years

Rights sold for Chinese worldwide

Silent Tiger Writes Poetry is an invitation to share the children's gaze on the world around them: loneliness, love, fear, life, death and those strange beings: adults. With metaphors and illustrations, the author moves young readers to think about themselves and their environment. 

31. The Darlings .jpg

The Darlings

Mónica Rodríguez ilustrated by David Peña Toribio

 96 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

In the middle of the forest is the Darling hotel, a charming and most helpful family business. What a better place to stay! But on a full moon night, the thickness of the forest hides monsters, terrible, horrifying beings ... and all of them head to the hotel ... to live a most amusing story! A play to read and perform, with clues about scenery, costumes, music... Lots of characters and lots of laughter.

32. The Harmonica .jpg

The Harmonica

Toño Malpica ilustrated by Aitana Carrasco

 40 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

The protagonists of this story are a gentleman with a big heart who lived at the Crusades times; Ruperto, a very special boy, big as a giant, but with tiny ideas as a baby; and, a mother who dreams of her son going far far away. There is also a brass armor, some spells and many melodies.

40. The Octopus is Raw .jpg

The Octopus is Raw

Luis Pescetti ilustrated by O'Kif

 88 pp, 8+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Twelve short stories in which humor arises from the most absurd situations, exaggerations, parodies of stereotypes of cinema and TV stereotypes, absurd dialogues and an original handling of language in which the limits between orality and writing disappear.

35. Two Aztec Legends. The Sacred Bones

Two Aztec Legends

Judy Goldman ilustrated by Ángel Campos

 46 pp, 7+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Two pre-Hispanic myths adapted so the young audience can become familiar with Aztec cosmogony. In the first story, Quetzalcóatl, in a heroic intent to give life to humans, faces the lord of the dead to obtain the sacred bones from which he will make them. In the second story, two gods offer their lives to become the sun and the moon. 57,961 copies sold to the Secretariat of Public Education Mexico

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