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Juan Villoro

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a bit about me:

Was born in Mexico City in 1956. He studied Sociology and is journalist and writter. He has written for adults novels, short stories, plays and essays for which he has received several international awards. In Children’s literature he has published 14 books for very different ages, from starting readers at the age of four to young readers. Villoro’s children’s topics are varied; from lost toys, inventions, travels, football, nutrition, and ecology to the value of literature.

    Villoro is well known for his Professor Zipper series, a quirky scientist. So far, four adventures have been published with this protagonist, which can be read separately, as it is not a story that continues from book to book.

    El libro salvaje (The Wild Book) has sold close to one and a half million copies. Actor and director Gael García Bernal bought the rights and is preparing the film adaptation.

    His books have been translated into italian, chinese, german, french, arabic, english, russian, turkish, portuguese in Brazil, and korean.

He has been awarded in Children’s books with:

  • IBBY Honor List, in 1992

  • “Dragón Dorado” Award in Spain, in 2013.

    Four books are part of the classrrom libraries program of the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico with 237,840 copies.
    Six books are shortlisted in IBBY Mexico’s Recommended Book Guide, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2017.

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