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70. Alma and Frin .jpg

Alma and Frin 

Luis Pescetti Ilustrated by Lucía Mancillo Prieto 48 pp, 3+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Holidays begin and Frin resignedly visits his uncle's small town in the country. Meanwhile, Alma is on the beach with her mom and Lynko travels to Germany, the place where he will move. Without much communication with others, each one lives that summer as a new way of being in the world. Meanwhile, there will be soccer games, doubts, anger, new friends, night adventures, a robbery, a proposal to help a school that turns into another adventure and a night of unforgettable partying.

87. Beginning and End .png

Beginning and End

Antonio Malpica

 520 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Sun and moon, light and darkness, demon and hero, Orich Edeth and Er Oodak. On one hand, courage and goodness, on the other, selfishness and meanness. Opposite positions on the same board that have disputed the Earth for million years. A long-awaited battle is about to break out to leave traces of a beginning and an end. High school boys, a stoic young doctor, a werewolf, the last mediator and various heroes are about to decide the future of humanity. This story will come to an end, but the courage and determination of all is necessary to get the world see, at last, a new beginning.

71. Far From Frin .jpg

Far From Frin

Luis Pescetti Ilustrated by Pablo Fernández

 308 pp, 12+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

With this new novel, endearing characters return: Frin and his friends -Alma, Lymko, Arno and Vera-, who will live unexpected stiuations where there will be no shortage of trips, romance and adventures from start to ending. With the warmth and humor in this story, readers will enjoy one of the most beloved characters in youth literature of these times.

72. Frin .jpg


Luis Pescetti ilustrated by O'Kif

208 pp, 12+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Frin just started school and has a new friend, Lynko. Both share the same tastes and enemies. Also, they really enjoy riding a bike and are in love: Frin of Alma and Lynko of Vera. Alma has problems at home, and goes temporarily to her grandparents' town. Although Frin is sad, he discovers how to go visit her. In this place, he meets and learns new and unforgettable things. More than 500,000 copies sold.

83. Letters for the King of the Cabin .j

Letters for the King of the Cabin 

Luis Pescetti

 104 pp, 14+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Paloma, a girl around nineteen years, is in love but vaguely reciprocated. Not knowing what to do with her pain, she begins to write. Throughout twenty-two letters, the book expresses with deep lyricism the feelings of a young woman with her first love disappointment. Her life, full of expectations, is suddenly overwhelmed by the lack of reciprocity. Through her letters, in poetic prose, the young woman tries to understand her loved one.

74. Opposite Way in the Jungle .jpg

Opposite Way in the Jungle

Monique Zepeda

 144 pp, 12+ years

Rights sold for Portuguese for Brazil

Nicolás by far prefers to be in his room without looking far beyond into the world. Who was going to tell him that on a trip to the Lacandon jungle he would meet with a jaguar, face one or two mysteries, a friend and much more. Translated into Portuguese. El Barco de Vapor Prize of Ediciones SM Mexico, 2005.

84. She Wolf .jpg

She Wolf

Veronica Murguia

 512 pp, 14+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

The Wolf King rules Moriana, a country that bases its prosperity on slavery and war. Distressed by a curse that he will never have a male child, Wolf King neglects his two daughters. Soledad, the first-born, does not achieve the affection of his father no matter how hard she trains hunting and simulated combat. When the news of a terrible threat -a dragon- reaches the court, Soledad accepts the responsibility  to go to the end of the kingdom to find out if the rumors are true or not. That search will let her know friendship, love, magic, and ultimately, find out her essence.
"Gran Angular" Prize awarded by Spain SM Foundation, 2013, IBBY Honor List 2014, Best Juvenile Book of the Year awarded by Babelia-El País Spain

91. The Call of the Lineage .png

The Call of the Lineage

Antonio Malpica

 392 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

In the third volume of "The Book of Heroes" saga, Sergio faces a tough test that not only puts his own survival at risk, but also illuminates an unknown facet of his lineage.

93. The Green Fire .png

The Green Fire

Veronica Murguia

 192 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Although born in a mountainous village, Luned is a forest creature, a tender, stubborn, untamed girl who just wants to run after the deer and climb trees. Luned doesn't know if there is a place for her, until the storyteller discovers her true vocation. On the path to her future, she will have to overcome the real world and that of legends, both full of beauty and cruelty. 45,000 copies sold to the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico. 

94. The King of Jerusalem .jpg

The King of Jerusalem

Veronica Murguia ilustrated by Gabriel Pacheco

 52 pp, 15+ years

Rights sold for Italian for Italy

Fiction and reality combine in this story to narrate the events that allowed Baldwin of Edessa to be crowned King of Jerusalem on December 25, 1100, in Bethlehem. With a stylistic nod to the chronicles of the time and with echoes of Anna Comena's La Alexiada, Murguía immerses us in the story of Balduino, the youngest son of Count Eustaquio II de Boloña, who grew up in the devout and fierce shadow of his brother Godofrey. They decided to go to the Crusade in search of land and fortune. With this idea and on equal terms, the brothers undertook a journey that led them to travel different paths. Translated into Italian.

86. The Music Sheet .jpg

The Music Sheet

Mónica Rodríguez

 192 pp, 14+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

The Music Sheet tells the fascinating and tormented life of the composer Daniel Faura from his childhood to his death at 87 years old. An atypical life, that covers almost the entire 20th century, on horseback between Madrid, Russia and Mongolia, passing through Vienna, and governed by the obsessive devotion that Daniel, a musical Pygmalion, feels for his Mongolian student Sayá Samsar, a piano soloist, 28 years younger than him.

76. Trumpet .jpeg


Mónica Rodríguez

 128 pp, 14+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Everything changes for young Mateo the day he first meets Malik, a black American saxophonist who plays in the streets. The past life of the musician, who achieved fame playing jazz, is linked together with the episodes of Mateo's encounter with Malik and his dog Trumpet. The growing curiosity of the young man for music and for the precarious life of the black man marks the unique relationship between them.

82. Where I Don't Know Anything .jpg

Where I Don't Know Anything

Antonio Malpica

 172 pp, 13+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Filip's life has a constant: violence. How can we defend ourselves against those who make fun of us? At least that's what he thinks, until he faces a limit that is challenging both sides. Now he will have to go on vacation to Denmark, away from the gangs and the precipice in which his life is falling. Three months feeling out of place where you don't know anything or anyone seems easy. Not easy, actually, for a fourteen-year-old boy used to punching.

78. Auliya .jpg


Veronica Murguia 

152 pp, 5+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

The meeting of Auliya, a lame girl in a trance to discover white magic, and Abú al-Jakum, a young hero who seeks the sea, unleashes in this book a moving succession of novel portents. Written with evocative and precise prose, Auliya, Verónica Murguía's first novel, is both a philosophical and fantasy tale that combines, with amazing natureness, Arabic learnings and narrative temperament. Auliya, legend of love and the desert, presents the barter of the most suggestive and tender powers of the imagination: water and earth, puberty and courage, the animal kingdom and evil geniuses. Juan de la Cabada Prize for writers of children's and youth literature, 1990. Shortlisted fro the "Rattenfänger Literaturpreis" awarded by the City of Hamelin, Germany, 2002, Honor List of Juvenile Readers of Viena's Association. Translated into German and Portuguese.

88. Belfegor Night .png

Belfegor Night

Antonio Malpica

 400 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

A series of violent killings lashes Mexico City. In addition to these atrocities, the crimes have two things in common: the victims were alone in a place where no one could enter and all were pianists ... The ashes of a nocturne attributed to Franz Liszt lead Sergio to discover the truth behind this damn composition. He must act now before it is too late. Much more than his own life depends on it ... This book is the second installment of the successful saga "The Book of Heroes".

89. Foreground.jpg


Antonio Malpica

 304 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Cosima, an ignored and rejected high school senior, sends a threatening video on her graduation day. In this video she promises to assassinate Leonardo and incidentally intimidates his family, her classmates and blackmails the school .

73. In the South .jpg

In the South

Christel Guczka ilustrated by Octavio Cruz

 88 pp, 12+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Montserrat is forced to move to the city and her life has a turning point. At the beginning she is worried if her dad will send her letters to her new home address and how is she going to live withour her dear grandfather close to her. Little by little her days take another direction with her friend Yolo next to her. The city will make them aware of its different dangers. Both will discover that, wherever you go, the best compass to guide your destiny are your feelings. 

79. Mr. President's Lipstick .jpg

Mr. President's Lipstick

Antonio Malpica

 158 pp, 13+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Maré's world began to fall apart when he wanted to escape from routine. A whim of chance put him in a whirlwind of unfortunate events. Now he will have to solve the murder of his neighbor to have back his life and freedom.

90. Seven Beheaded Skeletons .jpg

Seven Beheaded Skeletons

Antonio Malpica

 316 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

A chilling horror novel located in today's Mexico City that will also allow us to know the most noble side of some of its inhabitants. How much fear can you bear, Mendhoza? Sergio does not know. He will soon discover that it is necessary to know true terror to solve the mystery of horrible murders, understand their destiny and, at the same time, save his own life.

75. The Amazing Legacy of Daniel Kurka .

The Amazing Legacy of Daniel Kurka

Mónica Rodríguez

 344 pp, 12+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

1942. Daniel Kurka is a boy that arrives to New York in a European refugee ship. He is fascinated with its endless streets, its imposing skyscrapers and the New Yorker hotel, where his aunt works and he gets lost in its corridors. He will meet there Nikola Tesla, the inventor who will change the world's destiny and reveal Daniel a secret that will endanger his life. Gran Angular Prize of Ediciones SM Spain, 2015.

92. The Destiny and the Sword .jpg

The Destiny and the Sword

Antonio Malpica

 484 pp, 15+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Sequel to a saga that continues to conquer readers in Mexico and abroad. A novel full of tension that mixes suspense, terror and adventure. The saga "The Book of Heroes", formed by the novels: Seven Decapitated Skeletons, Belfegor Nocturne and The call of the lineage. It is a set of books that combine, with great effectiveness, the adventure genre, thriller and terror. All this in an urban atmosphere marked by the gloomy and with some brushstrokes that point to the supernatural. In this new book, we meet once again with Sergio Mendhoza, a boy whom we have seen grow from preadolescence to early youth and who is called to face the most diverse dangers.

85. The Island of the Amazing Orange .jp

The Island of the Amazing Orange

Mónica Rodríguez

 160 pp, 14+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Without knowing it, Miranda inherited this amazing orange tree that has lived for several generations in the island. Its juicy fruits will unleash the greed of its inhabitants, sometimes taking them to the brink of the greatest nonsense. Mónica Rodríguez portrays a dreamlike place, narrated as the great writers of magical realism in Latin America, confirming her as one of the most powerful voices in youth literature.

80. The Machine.jpg

The Machine 

Antonio Malpica

 192 pp, 13+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Chano faces a predicament -he wasn't accepted in the school he applied to and will have to figure out what to do with his time. His grandfather is insufferable and plays the oboe in the attic, isolated from the world. Chano and his grandfather do not get along at all, but events will lead them shoulder to shoulder through the world as they chase after a mysterious clue to a place where there is no time, no rules, and no conflicts.

81. The System Won't Miss Us .jpg

The System Won't Miss Us

Antonio Malpica

 120 pp, 13+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

Lorenzo lives in the overwhelmed Mexico City. It is a city of long traffic jams; departments that, luckly, may be inhabited only by twelve strangers; the helicopter watchmen; and, the jammed subway cars that every day are helped by ushers. Lorenzo records in a notebook these and all the images that he encounters daily. It also details strange moments, as the one he met María or when he discovered her like an automaton under the gaze of a stone priest. His notebook is his most detailed testimony of his history of an exhausted city, love loss and his tireless search for that which was once inhabited by trees.

77. United Against Dracula .jpg

United Against Dracula 

Luis Pescetti

 228 pp, 12+ years

World rights for all languages except Spanish

This is a gathering of poems, dialogues and humorous texts, which cover the most intimate emotions of human beings. Pescetti plays with language and its sounds to propose a poetic view of modernity, crossing all stages of life.

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